Yi Tianzhong is above the chaotic dragon tree at this moment, it seems that Slot Games wants baccarat to guard the treasure city of Parimatch! People in the city, although they have never seen Yi Tianzhong, they can all guess that it is Yi Tianzhong from Yitianmen! Nie Linghuo, the former head teacher of Zhaotianzong, was forced to retreat by this Yitian bell, which shows how powerful this artifact is. The owner of Tianmu Palace has returned to Tianmu Holy Palace, she needs to quickly repair the Tianmu Sky Orb, after all, no one at BetWinner knows if there will be another round of attacks. Chen Xiang was inside the Chaos Dragon Tree, taking care of Li Minqing’s injuries. At this moment, Chen Xiang’s face was gloomy and cold, and there was a surge of anger in his heart. Zhao Tianzong’s attack this time brought a great threat to the whole city. If Yi Tianshu hadn’t suddenly appeared and used Yi Tianzhong to force Nie Linghuo back, most of this city might have been destroyed! Now Chen Xiang has also figured out one thing, having more people does not mean that the overall strength can be very strong! Especially when encountering a strong person like Nie Linghuo with extremely high personal cultivation, he suddenly attacked BGaming and didn’t give him any time to prepare for it. “Xiao Shen, my roulette is fine, just take a rest for a while!” Li Minqing forebet came to his senses now, and asked, “How is the situation now?” “The master appeared, and she used Yi Tianzhong to beat people back! Sister Palace Master bought us a lot of time before.” Chen Xiang said: “Even though Senior Tianyuan was seriously injured, his condition has stabilized and his apprentice is taking care of him!” Tianyuan also entered Healed in Chaos Dragon Tree, Chen Xiang NetEnt went to see him in la liga before, the injury was quite serious, but fortunately Tianyuan’s body and soul are very strong, he can survive it! Li Minqing is also now

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