It is true that the city lord of the Yitian sect came here, and the task given to him was to take away the control of the magic medicine treasure city! The reason for Slot Games is that the Treasure City of Divine Medicine was built with the support of Yitian Saintess, and it is considered the property of Yitianmen! However, City Lord Yitian is now devastated! And I lost face! City Lord Yitian brought a lot of people, but he was not sure to attack. And now he began to wonder whether this treasure city of magic medicine was built by Yitian Saintess? Because according to his knowledge, even the Yitian Saintess does not have enough ability to support the city of Slot Games! So, is this city secretly supported by other forces? At this moment, City Lord Yitian is very embarrassed, because he failed to pretend to be a tiger, and was humiliated instead. If Betway left in such a desperate manner, he would definitely be laughed at in the future, who made him speak loudly and arrogantly before, and everyone in the city heard it. You must know that many people in Shenyao Treasure City came from Yitian City, especially those local tyrants. Back then, the local tyrants in Yitian City often suffered from the cold eyes of City Lord Yitian. Even though they gave City Lord Yitian a lot of benefits, they were still not taken seriously. In many cases, even giving benefits, City Lord Yitian didn’t help them! At this moment in the city, there were voices from people with high cultivation bases. They all shouted loudly, cursing the master of Yitian City in all kinds of ways, no matter how ugly they were! After someone took the lead, many people also cursed the Lord Yitian! This may be the most colorful swearing that City Lord Yitian has ever heard in his life, and they are all scolding him! For a moment, City Lord Yitian’s nose was going to be crooked by anger! high on weekdays

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