Choice: Mana Wraith Eric, is a very unique existence. As far as Marvin knew, he was the key to the entrance to the secret garden. After the wizard apprentice named Eric was swallowed by the potion king, a part of the livescore of the soul condensed a very terrifying resentment. This is a spiritual force that cannot be ignored. Even the king of potions with the devouring characteristic dared not digest this resentment easily. Otherwise, he might be assimilated by Eric’s resentment. So he simply forcibly pulled this bit of resentment out of his body, and then injected his majestic magic power, making it an unjust soul living in the form of mana. Naturally, the mana wraith became an accomplice to the Potions King. After all, Eric, the real wizard apprentice, is dead, and there is only a little residual anger and resentment of Eric on the Mana Wraith. Restricted by the special poker characteristics of the secret garden, the potion king could not break free from the cage set by the wizards of Mikensea. So he needs someone to help him open the gate of the secret garden, and then close it at the right time. This person is Mana Wraith. casino Slot Ma Wen suddenly opened his eyes, since he has captured the existence of this guy, if he doesn’t chase now, when will he wait? In the process of perceiving the land, Marvin determined Eric’s direction and directly used the night to track him. His movements are as light as the wind, blending into the night, even if he didn’t deliberately use stealth, few people noticed Marvin. Ten seconds later. Marvin found him in a dilapidated courtyard. As for the rest of Paripesa, basically all Nairabet gathered near the dead willow tree. This is just convenient for Marvin

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