Read the full text Li Minqing gave Roulette a very special identity token, allowing him to freely enter and exit various baccarat industries in the Treasure City of Divine Medicine. In these industries, Bet9ja Chen Xiang can enjoy various services for free with tokens. Shen Xiang Treasure City was able to have such a good situation, it was all caused by Chen Xiang, and only Li Minqing and Yi Tianshu knew that it was Chen Xiang who did it, and they didn’t have any rumors. Chen Xiang soon came to Treasure City Tianlou. He was wearing the uniform white man city clothes of the City Lord’s Mansion. When he showed that special golden identity card, the waiter here was not sure about it. What is the token, just knowing the identity of this person is not easy. He was invited to a luxurious living room, and then the treasurer of Shenyao Baocheng also came over to receive him immediately. The shopkeeper is a middle-aged man with an extraordinary appearance, and he doesn’t seem to be weak. After seeing Chen Xiang’s token, he immediately became very respectful. Although he was very curious about Chen Xiang’s identity, he didn’t ask much. Shopkeeper Wu had previously learned from Li Minqing Sportybet that there was a mysterious boy with a high status in Betting who would hold this kind of token, so he didn’t suspect anything. “Mr. Shen, the 500th floor of the Treasure City Sky Tower is reserved for your rumble!” Shopkeeper Wu said with a smile, “We’ve been waiting for a long time!” “It’s so high!” Chen Xiang just nodded and said: ” Take me there!” Chen Xiang followed Shopkeeper Wu out of the betting living room, and came to a small room, and after Paripesa, the small room began to rise, there is no teleportation array here, if it is in Shengxuan Star, the up and down of this kind of tall building, all It is carried out with the teleportation array, Nairabet is very fast. Chen Xiang learned that there are a total of 530 floors in the Treasure City Sky Tower, and on the 300th floor

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