Fiction: ,,,,,,,,, Shen Xiang saw the Chilong Patriarch’s expectation at this moment, and immediately laughed, and asked: “Patriarch, are you afraid of pain? If your endurance is strong enough, I will I can torture you hard…it will make you stronger!” Chilong patriarch hesitated for a while, because he was still very afraid of pain, if the time was really painful, and he cried for his father and mother, he must Would baccarat very ugly. The pain was really unbearable, maybe he would beg Chen Xiang to stop the game, it would be even more embarrassing! “Well… how painful is it?” The Chilong patriarch was smiling just now, but now he suddenly became very serious, and said: “Dragon Lord, I am not a person who is afraid of pain, I just want to know the specifics. Situation, so that I can prepare myself!” 1xBet “I can’t say how much it hurts!” Chen Xiang shook his head and said: “If you just want to be transformed by me to be normal, then you don’t need to suffer rumble pain. For example, Ah Fu and the others are like this.” At this time, Ah Fu and the ten of them who were sitting on the ground and meditating with their eyes closed immediately opened their eyes, with a trace of fire in their eyes, as if telling Chen Xiang that they are not afraid of pain, they I just hope it gets stronger! “Lord Dragon Surebet247, I am not afraid of pain, I want to become stronger!” live betting Ah Fu stood up and said: “If it is a method that is very risky for BetWinner, then let me try it first, don’t let Slot The Games patriarch takes risks!” “Ah Fu, I think you are too greedy! You are so strong now, but you still want to become stronger! How unreasonable…” Chilong Patriarch rolled up his sleeves and scolded with a smile : “I have to teach you little devils a lesson,

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