The corpse of the Chosen One of the Dark Dragon God lay quietly on the ground, a faint glow flickering dishonestly. This is a sign of the activation of the divine magic’s super-powerful resurrection. However, before the divine magic could take effect, Aoba attacked again and directly chopped Trolin’s body into meat paste! Marvin discovered that the hidden attribute of the double-knife ronin specialty is actually very suitable for dismembering corpses… The two Tai chelsa ancient dragons were completely stunned. They were intimidated by Marvin’s tyrannical determination, and the death of the dark Leap dragon god’s chosen one also made their reason for fighting obscure. They looked at each other, showing a hint of retreat. Five giant dragons forebet, now there are only two ancient black dragons left! If they made another mistake, the Black Dragon might disappear from Feinan Continent. They stared angrily at the man in front of them. The opponent has the miraculous escape-like Paripesa skills. Without the dragon slaying gun, maybe he can no longer slay the dragon, but there are still ways to escape. What’s more, Jessica had already rushed over at this time, standing side by side with Marvin. The brilliance of the Apocalypse Warlock illuminated the entire Rocky Mountain. She took a deep breath, readying herself to die. The aura of the power of the six layers of apocalypse keeps rising, and if it reaches the peak, she can even tear the black dragon apart! Just like she did in her previous life. A trace of fear flashed deeply in the eyes of the two Parimatch dragons. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Marvin took out the fragments of the Slate of Destiny from the storage device! To know. Trolin, like Tess, possesses the divinity of the Dark Dragon God. Marvin’s virtual godhead divinity Betting is already full and cannot save more. Cerberus sports betting is not around, NetEnt can not waste. And the slate of destiny is the key to becoming a God of Sportybet.

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