Fiction: . After the video was displayed, someone carried the box into a secret room. When the man entered the secret room, he opened the box, soaked the pills in the silvery slime, took out the pills, and gave them to ordinary animals to eat. A horse ate the pill, its body swelled and more than doubled in size, and then stopped, and the BGaming horse, which was originally white, gradually turned black. “It turns out that it can make beasts become stronger quickly!” Just as Chen Xiang finished his conclusion, he was dumbfounded by what happened next in the video. The horse’s stomach was cut open suddenly, and a baccarat pony fell out of the stomach! But upon closer inspection, man city found that this was not a real horse, but a centaur! What used to be the head and neck of a horse is now a human body with Endorphina arms and a human upper body. Chen Xiang immediately thought of something – Dire Beastman! “Is this how the Dire orcs were created? Could it be that this group of Dire orcs are also creating Dire orcs?” Chen Xiang was very surprised: “Aren’t the Dire orcs all created by the Six Fate and Soul clans?” Shen Xiang Xiang couldn’t get the answer, the energy crystal and live betting didn’t answer him. However, he was shown another image. Shen Spinmatic Xiang can see from the image a huge oval-shaped thing, black, with a large number of light spots and rays of light inside, and a large number of light spots are connected into glowing silk threads. After the elliptical thing gradually enlarged, Chen Xiang soon saw that those light spots were huge stars, emitting

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