Chen Xiang and the others carefully observed the two walls, and indeed there were many fiery red giant feathers, although they were phoenixes, most of the time they moved in human form, if they were in the sea, then it was even more necessary to act in human form. Generally, only when you encounter a very powerful enemy rumble, do you need to change your body to fight. In the deep sea, and if you change your body in such a small space, it means that you must have encountered some urgent and dangerous situation. “Sister Xueying, what exactly did she encounter at that time?” Shen Zhenyi was in a panic, and as she dived down from the Mirror of the Six Paths, she became more and more worried when she saw more and more phoenix feathers. Slot Games “Xueying is an undead Phoenix, and she is also affiliated with the Phoenix Emperor. Even if she encounters a very powerful enemy and is seriously injured, with her strong recovery power, she should be able to recover in a short time.” Although Chen Xiang Said, but he was also full of worries in his heart. “Now we only see the phoenix feathers. The phoenix has so many feathers. Although we see a lot now, compared to the huge body of the phoenix, these feathers are nothing at all.” Guan Ying comforted. Sister Xiaojing controlled the Divine Mirror of Six Paths to continue diving, and Chen Xiang became more and more nervous. She was very worried that something would happen to Xueying, because when Xueying was on Chilong Island, she once said that the endorphina of the Canglan Sea Underneath, something terrible hides. At the position where he dived at the moment, both walls are covered with gleaming sky source crystals. Chen Xiang has never heard of the existence of flashscore roulette source crystals before. Now that he sees sky source crystals, he also knows that this kind of thing contains a lot of energy , far surpassing Tianzhu. In this position they see baccarat’s Tianyuanjing Mozzartbet can say

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