After reading the full text, Chen Xiang was a little confused when he heard that the reason why the Demon Soul Nation was cursed was because of the mission of the ancestor god? “After you accepted the mission of the Ancestor God, you were cursed?” Chen Xiang asked: “Did the Ancestor God Aoshi implicate you?” “Of course not! Back then, the Ancestor God Aoshi was still a very powerful real madrid, able to fight against the bastards of the Six Paths Sacred Gate. But he was defeated later, and his whereabouts are still unknown. And the forces that followed him were all liquidated by the Six Holy Gates.” Shen Zhenyi said: “Because the Paripesa Kingdom is in the Demon Soul Star Field, it is difficult for them to attack. That’s why they put a curse on us.” “Does the Sacred Gate of the Six Paths know what kind of ancestral god mission you have accepted?” Chen Xiang asked the Premier League. “Of course I know, there were traitors in our Monster Soul Nv Country back then!” Shen Zhenyi was deeply concerned about this matter, and when she recalled it, her eyes were full of hatred. “Has Aoshi Ancestor God ever told you about what is hidden under the sea?” Chen Xiang really couldn’t figure out what could make Aoshi betting universe BetWinner fall into doom. The Ancestral God Shen Zhenyi mentioned is obviously the Creator God… Of course, the real Ancestral God is actually Chen Xiang. It’s just that for many years, the Lord of the Champions League, the God of Creation, has been doing things outside in the name of the God of Ancestor God, mainly to fight against the Six Paths Holy Gate under the banner of the Minghun Six Clans. “No!” Shen Zhenyi shook her head: “But no matter what, I must stop it, and I must not let the Six Paths Sect get it, or the consequences will be disastrous.” Chen Xiang also heard his father mention it before. Under the blue sea, BGaming has the remnant soul that killed the red dragon soul, and then there is another thing, his father doesn’t know

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