The latest station name in the main body of the text: Mubi Pavilion “It’s great, it’s much better than we expected! Brother Shen, come here and pinch our avatar!” Bai Zhenzhen smiled coquettishly. Chen Xiang also walked over, and pinched a few hands of the LiveScore with a cute and glamorous face, the feel was really great. “Brother Shen, when you cook for us in the future, you must remember Long Miaomiao! I get a clone to eat, can’t I eat two copies of BetWinner? I am such a genius! Hahaha…” Long Xueyi didn’t He laughed heartlessly, as if he had opened the door to a new world of live betting. “Zhenzhen, it’s best for you to lead Long Miaomiao!” After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he felt that the words just now were unnecessary. Because Bai Zhenzhen is also a big foodie in the Champions League, she is now so synchronized with Long Xueyi, she will definitely be more influenced by Long Xueyi. “Brother Shen, we haven’t tried what it’s like to make Long Miaomiao eat!” Bai Zhenzhen said with a smile: “Hurry up and let us try it, but Leap can hone Long Miaomiao and make it feel better.” We have better control over Long Miaomiao.” “Zhenzhen, you’ve turned bad! It’s all this little gluttonous dragon who ruined my Zhenzhen!” Chen Xiang could only pinch Long Xueyi’s waist, Endorphina Express your dissatisfaction with this. “Brother Paripesa Shen, hurry up and bring out the food! It’s not… fry it now! We want to eat the freshest real madrid! Making the avatar consumes a lot, and we have to make up for it. Besides, we’ve been there for several days I haven’t eaten!” Long Xueyi couldn’t wait. Chen Xiang could only take out a frying pan, and put it on the World-Proud Stove anyway, and then took out the ingredients to start cooking. That’s why Baccarat looked at the dragon and tiger double darts, so Chen Xiang became their cook.

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