In the dark sewer of Novel 51, it was not as disgusting as Gervin imagined. After all, after so many years, the former sewers have long been abandoned, and no matter how dirty things are, they have already been turned into fly ash under the urging of the years. The air here is even fresher than above. “Could it be that the secret passage you mentioned is hidden at the exit of the sewer?” Gervin was not an idiot either, so he immediately reacted. The exit of the sewer is most likely the place to leave Saruha. Marvin nodded slightly, pointed to a direction and said, “Go straight in this direction. With your strength, even if you encounter some monsters, you can eradicate them. This live betting direction is the exit of the secret passage. Enter the Slot Games road.” The exit is very secret, so the ancient goblins are not afraid of other creatures from Nairabet getting in. And you can turn into a bat and fly out.” Gwen hesitated: “Are you going to leave with me?” Marvin laughed dryly: “Sa I haven’t finished taking Luha’s good things, how could I leave now?” Gwen looked at Marvin speechlessly. This guy is clearly the lord of the White River Valley, and he owns two major gold mines. According to gossip, he also conquered a secondary plane and obtained inexhaustible treasures and resources. The man city is still so greedy now, wanting to take away all the treasures of Saruhari… Is this guy BetWinner really the hero who destroyed the world of evil spirits? If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Ge Wen really couldn’t believe that the rumored hero of the Evolution game, Marvin, was actually a money fanatic! At that moment, he kindly reminded Marvin that the Blood Clan Dark Party had no mercy for Premier League humans. There are even vague meanings of opposition, so be careful. Then the two parted ways, one headed to the sewer

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