Mozzartbet, the magic mirror of the six paths, flew away from la liga at high speed, and flew away with the four swords of the divine level… After leaving the four holy realms, the four swords were included in the magic mirror of the six paths. “We… succeeded?” A young lady from the Premier League felt incredible. She was seriously injured, and her voice was a little weak. “Yes! The treasure of the tiger clan did not fall into the hands of those guys, thanks to Mr. Shen’s magic weapon of flying.” The owner of the Tianmu palace smiled and said: “That’s great Leap, there is no danger!” “Those guys, you should be angry.” Crazy, and they will definitely think that the Tiger Clan Divine Treasure fell into your hands.” Chen Xiang said: “It won’t be long before they will take revenge on you.” “It doesn’t matter, anyway, they don’t know that our Tianmu Holy Palace is here Where! And it’s not a day or two since they wanted to find us.” The owner of Tianmu Palace didn’t care at all, and said very confidently: “Even if the four saints find us in Tianmu Holy Palace, they can’t do anything.”” How about this, I will let them know that the Tiger Clan NetEnt treasure is in my flashscore, chelsa, and I will attract their attention, anyway, I am not afraid of them.” Chen Xiang said. “Young Master Shen, don’t worry about us! Our Tianmu Holy Palace came out today, and no one else was present. They must think that the tiger clan treasure fell into our hands.” The owner of Tianmu Palace said: “You don’t have to worry about being dragged down. We, as long as the Tiger Clan Divine Treasure does not fall into their hands, it will be the best result for us.” “Brother Shen, the elder sister Parimatch, the palace lord, has already said so, so don’t refuse! At worst, you can do something for them.” Eat fried meat!” Long Xueyi smiled and said, “I did a little bit of work just now, can I have a small bowl too?”

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