Theme Mode: Restore Default Author: Silent Little Thief Update Time: 20111100:47 Hearing what Du Hai said, Chen Xiang and Bai Zhenzhen were immediately full of interest. Because of the legend of the Canglanhai, Bai Zhenzhen has always been more concerned about the legend of the Canglanhai, mainly because there is a legend under the Canglanhai. “Grandpa Du, what did you find when you went deep into the sea?” Chen Xiang hurriedly asked, “You said you made a very important discovery? Could it be the same as the Pragmatic Play legend?” “Grandpa Du, what did you find?” Is there really a very powerful dragon under the sea?” Bai Zhenzhen next to her also asked. “I… I, Endorphina, actually don’t know much about it. I only know that there is a very terrifying and chaotic energy under the sea! A powerful dragon? I guess Online Casino should be real, and it is very likely that it has been sealed away. Maybe it’s the chaotic energy!” Du Hai shook his head slightly as he recalled the past. “Grandpa Du, then why did you say that the Wutian Temple and the Temple of All Heavens are most likely coming to the sea?” Chen Xiang asked. “Although I can’t find out what’s in the chaotic energy, the Temple of All Heavens and the Palace of Wutianshen should be able to find out… After all, they are two giant Nairabet forces, and they also have power from the God’s Domain. The seabed is not a difficult task for them!” Du Hai said. “So, Grandpa Du, have you encountered the power from the God Realm in Canglan Sea?” Chen Xiang asked, Du Hai must have known a lot of things after living here for so long. Sure enough, Du Hai nodded and said

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