Main text The latest station name: Mubi Pavilion After Chen Xiang returned to Jiuxiao Longmen, he found Long Jiuxiao directly. Long Jiuxiao’s soul cultivation has improved a lot. Under the guidance of Chen Xiang, Baihua Tiandi can refine the soul-enhancing elixir Nairabet. Bet game eating these pills can improve the cultivation of the soul faster. Long Jiuxiao’s soul is much stronger, and his deterrence is stronger. Coupled with his burly figure and domineering dragon posture, there is a feeling that Parimatch is very powerful. “You’re finally back, I couldn’t contact you during this time, I thought you went to the sanctuary!” Long Jiuxiao patted Chen Xiang’s shoulder and said with a smile. In fact, when he saw Chen Xiang, he also knew that his current strength was unfathomable, already far above him! He was not surprised that Chen Xiang suddenly became so strong, because after Chen Xiang was reborn, his cultivation speed would have been very fast. “When I came back, I saw the Divine Horned Beasts outside. They are standing still and planning something!” Chen Xiang wanted to quickly get rid of the Divine Horned Beasts, otherwise Sportybet would make him very uncomfortable. peace of mind. “They are waiting!” Long Jiuxiao said: “They haven’t attacked Forebet yet, they want to investigate our enchantment, investigate the situation of the entire Yanheng domain, and want to create panic and make us internally chaotic. chelsa “Then how is Yan Hengyu’s situation now? Is there any chaos?” Chen Xiang asked. There are so many people in Yanhengyu, adding up to a total of more than a billion. If BGaming is messed up, there will indeed be serious consequences. “Now our Nine Heavens Dragon Sect is maintaining order, and the original high-level officials of the two empires, Tianheng and Dayan, are very prestigious and can make everyone settle down.”

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