When Long Jiuxiao saw Feng Ruxue, he immediately sensed the phoenix blood in her body. He didn’t find it strange that there was such a woman beside Chen Xiang. “If Mr. Shen comes out of retreat, please inform him and contact me immediately, there is something urgent.” Long Jiuxiao said. “Senior, I will definitely tell him!” Feng Ruxue nodded lightly. After Long Jiuxiao left, he immediately contacted Jiuxiao Tiandi. He wanted to arrange for more powerful people to come, including humans and dragons, mainly to guard Xinghuo City. Because in Long Jiuxiao’s eyes, the mythical horned beasts are also treasures, and the divine horned beasts from outside the sky may be very fat. According to the information sent back by Xiaodilong, a small part of the extraterrestrial myriads can come here, such as the horned orc who was connected with Zhenmo Tianzun before. So next, Starfire City also has a very important thing to do, which is to get rid of those real madrid lurkers from all races beyond the sky. If there is a strong lurker in the city, even if the defensive formation is strong, the lurker will cause great damage. But how to investigate, Long Jiuxiao didn’t have a good way to Parimatch, so he asked Chen Xiang to ask. Chen Xiang helped Bai Youyou restore his memory. Although the process was very long, Chen Xiang and Bai Youyou’s current state was very stable, and they did not suffer any injuries. This was much smoother than Chen Xiang imagined, mainly because Bai Youyou’s soul was special, if it was another woman, it might not be so smooth. During the restoration process, Bai Youyou’s memories also emerged intermittently, and these were all memories related to Chen Xiang’s betting. These memories were not lost, they were just scattered and hidden in the depths of her soul. If Paripesaroulette does not

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