“Chen Xiang, I really won’t lie to you! There is danger there… Is there any way you can call more people to ambush there?” Seeing that Chen Xiang was still so calm, Feng Ruxue became even more anxious. Chen Xiang was still counting on using Qianlongzhuang to trap Prince Yan. According to what Huang Jintian said, if the Divine Horned Beast would come out, it would be unavoidable. To go to that place to ambush in advance would be to seek death. “There is a passage underground in Qianlongzhuang, which is now sealed!” Chen Xiang asked. “Ah? How did you know?” Feng Ruxue was greatly surprised. Betting “That kind of thing is called a mythical beast. It has not appeared in the top ten worlds for many years, and now they have made a comeback. This kind of passage is everywhere in the top ten worlds. It is useless for us to block one.” Chen Xiang sighed. “This… this, but at least do something?” Feng Ruxue frowned, and she could see that she was very worried about the appearance of the Liverpool Divine Horned Beast in the world. “What we want Spinmatic to do now is to strengthen the defense and prepare for a long-term confrontation with the mythical beast.” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “I already have a plan.” “It seems that I was worrying too much!” Feng Ruxue sighed: “Obviously you are here, I shouldn’t be so worried!” Chen Xiang controlled the Six Paths Mirror to fly to Starfire City, and he wanted to take Feng Ruxue back. “Ru Xue, how did you know about the Divine Horned Beast?” Chen Xiang asked. “I don’t know that it’s called a mythical beast, I only know that these guys are very strong outside!” Feng Ruxue said, “They have a very large group, and every once in a while, they will enter the top ten heaven and earth trials.” Practice!” “Trial?” Chen Xiang said in surprise. “It’s not just that Betway mythical beast, Leap always

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