The black-clothed woman known as Mingfeng laughed: “So anxious?” “Don’t worry, my plane pulling technique will never go wrong. Your little lover can probably save a life.” ” As for you…” “From now on, you’ll be one of my treasures!” said General Bettingson. Marvin was completely dumbfounded. When Shadow Thief said that name, he had a strong sense of foreboding. And after he heard Hathaway’s whole plan, he was completely stunned there. “She actually… actually did this.” Marvin was completely silent. At this moment, a loud noise suddenly exploded from the sky and the earth! The entire Pusen plane began to shake! Ma Wen’s mouth was full of bitterness. He knew that he could probably be saved, but the price was something he didn’t want to see. “Hathaway…” He gritted his teeth, clenched his fists, and finally closed his eyes slowly, allowing this face to sway endlessly. Because he knew that just after Shadow Thief Xiao rescued himself, his four clones had already been nailed to the spiral pillars at the four poles of the Pusen plane! This is a necessary magic item for the super legendary spell – Plane Traction. In the entire Feinan world, there was only one person with such ability. It was a woman. No one knows her name, her honorific name is Mingfeng. She is the strongest hole card of the Southern Wizarding Union! Even in the late game of Parimatch. Roulette is also known as Feinan’s number one legendary wizard. Everyone respected her very much, and it wasn’t until she showed her last face that people suddenly realized. only. Now Feinan, not many Mozzatbet people know her true face! Hathaway, show

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