The latest station name of the main text: Mubi Pavilion Bai Xu saw Xiao Rongrong, and her heart was full of disgusted livescore. She had seen her several times in Xingyanmen, but every time she said some weird words. For example, Xiao Rongrong often said that Bai Xu was beautiful and outstanding, no wonder she was liked by the third prince… In short, every time Bai Xu heard such disgusting compliments from her, she wanted to slap her. “This is the daughter of the White City Lord? This is Li Linle, the son of Earl Zilei of the imperial city, Li Linle!” A tall and thin man stepped forward and greeted with a smile. poker “Bai Yanqing’s daughter? Doesn’t she look like a petite person!” Another man said. From his clothes, one can tell that he is the son of a marquis with a high status. “Young Lord, Miss Bai belongs to the Third Prince…” Li Linle reminded in a low voice. “Hmph, how is this possible? Baixu is not worthy of the third prince! She can at most be used to assist the third prince in his cultivation, but she can assist the third prince in the Evolution game, and that is her luck in BGaming!” Roulette said with a disdainful smile. This little duke looks quite handsome, he is dressed luxuriously, coupled with his arrogance, the people around him are a little afraid of Pragmatic play him. With a high status, he naturally has no worries about speaking. Bai Xu suddenly became angry, which was also the most annoying thing in her heart. Although her father and Zhao Jingzhong have a good relationship now, she has been worried that Zhao Jingzhong will come to her again. “So that’s how it is!” Xiao Rongrong said in a low voice, she finally understood why every time she complimented Bai Xu, she attracted Bai Xu’s disgusted eyes. “Even so, she is also a real madrid red Nairabet next to the Third Prince!” Li Linle whispered. “Red man’s fart… the third prince has already broken through

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