Chen Xiang followed Uncle Li to a spacious room, there was a stone table in the middle, and there was a golden disc on the table. “Put your hands on this disk, and then release your strongest blood energy. This kind of test can only measure the most basic blood energy. When you use various exercises, or in critical situations, you can It is possible to stimulate a stronger blood.” Li Bo said. In this sports betting test environment, what can be measured is indeed only the most basic blood gas segment. The strength of blood energy has a lot to do with BGaming people’s skills and emotions. “Testing the basic blood energy can roughly judge a person’s level, so there is no need to use various combat skills to test.” Li Bo was worried that the test would not be accurate, so he reminded Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang nodded, put his hands on the disk in the middle of the stone table, then took a deep breath, circulated the blood and energy in his body, and after turning into powerful blood energy, it gushed out from his arms. He didn’t use all his strength, but used about 50% of it! A gust of blood gushed out from the affiliate and poured it into the golden disc. The disk shone with golden light, and the Nairabet stone table shook. Uncle Li, who was standing next to him, was secretly shocked, because this Betking’s blood is not weak, according to his experience, at least above the 20 baccarat level! Soon, a series of numerical values ​​appeared on the mirror-like surface of the disk. twenty five! “Awesome!” Uncle Li exclaimed. He is young, not to mention the fifth stage of Taoist Realm, and his blood energy is only 20 and 5th stage. Chen Xiang was also a little surprised, he thought that his blood energy was about twenty-five levels, but he suppressed half of his blood energy, and he actually had a flashscore level of twenty-five. In other words, his current blood energy is fifty! “Uncle Li, what cultivation level are you?”

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