The aura inside the Lin Family Villa was more intense. In fact, when Chen Xiang entered Starfire City, he felt that Betting’s NetEnt aura inside the city was stronger than the Premier League outside. After entering the Lin family, this feeling became even more obvious. “Betking in the center of the Lin family should rely on the big formation to gather their aura!” Chen Xiang stood on the roof of the Sportybet building, looking at the center of the Lin family villa. He could “see” a cyclone in the middle of the Lin family villa, gathering a very strong air. Then he looked towards the center of Xinghuo City, where there was a big star-like bead floating there, with a more intense air. “There must be a divine vein under this city. The Star Flame Gate is built on the eye of the Divine Vein. The Divine Vein will absorb the air from the heaven and earth roulette. The Eye of the Earth is deep under the ground, so it should be well protected by the Star Flame Gate. And the Sky Eye should be on the ground, so the Star Flame Gate was built.” x Chen Xiang speculated based on his own experience. The divine meridian of heaven and earth can absorb the spirit of heaven and earth by itself, and gather together to form a god and earth. For example, the God Forest he was born before became a God Land because of his appearance and the transformation of the Divine Mirror of the Six Paths. Chen Xiang looked at the distance in a daze, and suddenly sensed that someone was approaching his small forebet building la liga. When he looked at the top of the building, he saw a pretty woman in a white skirt approaching in the distance, with a basket in her hand. There are many fruits in her basket, and I don’t know what she is doing here. Although Chen Xiang entered the small building, he did not look at the rooms inside. The small building has three floors, and he lives alone, which is indeed a waste. Seeing this woman, Chen Xiang frowned secretly. He suspected that there might be other people living in this small building, but the housekeeper didn’t say anything. Chen Xiang immediately went downstairs and sat in the small hall on the first floor, waiting for the woman to enter

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