“Is it strange that she became the Beast Clan Emperor? She is Betking, the daughter of the Beast Creator ancestor, so it should be normal to become the Clan Emperor!” Chen Xiang felt puzzled when he saw that Old Tang was so surprised. ≤, x. “You don’t know, Long Yue’s origin is very special.” Lao Tang frowned and said, “I just didn’t expect her to live till now.” “Why can’t she live till now? She is alive and well. “Chen Xiang said Nairabet. “Who is Long Yue’s mother, do you know?” Old Tang asked. Chen Xiang shook his head. He asked the ancestor of the beast creation before, but he didn’t get an answer. “La liga Longyue’s mother is from the Creation Star Clan, and she is a very bad woman.” Old Tang sighed: “At the beginning, the ancestor of the Creation Beast Spinmatic didn’t know about it, but when he found out, he killed her.” “It turns out In this way, it’s no wonder that Long Yue’s feelings towards her father are so contradictory.” Chen Xiang sighed, Long Yue must also know what her mother did. “And Long Yue is the daughter of the ancestor of the star and the ancestor of the roulette. She shouldn’t be able to obtain it for so long.” Old Tang said: “She must have inherited some of her mother’s power, which will cause her to become evil. “Not really, she is living well now.” Chen Xiang really didn’t expect that Long Yue’s mother was actually the ancestor of the Star Creator, that is to say, Yan Mei belonged to the Star Creator Clan, and her status was quite high. They all have hell star cores in their hands, and now they are going to the same place, and they don’t know what will be there. “Let’s wake up the hell god first and then talk about Bet9ja.” Old Tang said. After rushing for a month, Chen Xiang and the others saw Hell Evil Mountain, a high mountain in the middle of a big river, the whole body was pitch black, and the Evolution game released bursts of evil aura of Slot Games. After coming here, old

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