In the prayer hall, the battle is in full swing! Even though Cerberus is alone and alone, facing the siege of fifty fanatic warriors, he is in an absolutely inferior situation in terms of numbers. , but purgatory creatures, after all, are not comparable to mortals. His Surebet247 fur is as hard as iron, and the heavy scythes of the zealot warriors are specially designed to restrain large creatures, but even so, their full blows can only cause a shallow Pragmatic play on the hellhound’s skin Shallow scratches! They are like a group of ants who are not afraid of death, they are besieging a vicious dog! However, this has had little effect. As soon as the hellhound’s terrifying giant claws pressed forward, five or six fanatic warriors were held down, and they were forcibly crushed into meatloaf. And his two heads, flicking left and right, one in one bite, can kill fanatic warriors. Those sharp teeth are basically like spears to humans! Although the priests bombarded the Cerberus one after another with magic spells to help the fanatics and warriors stabilize the battle, the number of fanatics is still decreasing rapidly! From fifty at the beginning, in just a few minutes, it became more than thirty! The divine fire was still burning in their eyes, and their superiors jumped up, roaring angrily, and rushed towards the Cerberus one after another. And those temple knights forebeted around the periphery. Although the prayer hall is open and affiliated, it is not conducive to the horse’s charge. Once dismounted, the quality of the temple knight is far inferior to that of the fanatic Paripesa! They can’t even reach Cerberus’ knees! “This damn devil!” Capella looked at the tragic scene in front of him in amazement. her attention, still

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