Long Yue who was running in “” immediately stopped, glared at Chen Xiang, and asked: “What do you see on me? You little poker, you’ve been playing with my Premier League idea from the very beginning!” I didn’t set your mind on it, at most it was just a fair exchange! If you learn my avatar spell, your strength can be improved even more, and you don’t have much loss if you give it to me. ” Chen Xiang waved his hands and said with a smile . “How about your avatar spell? I just know that I can avatar, and I don’t know much about other things. You can tell me first.” Long Yue really wanted to master the avatar spell. Chen Xiang told Long Yue the details of the avatar spell, and Long Yue thought it was very good after listening to it, she nodded slightly, thinking more about it in her heart. “Okay, what do you want from me? I have many good things, but I have never let you see them!” Long Yue really wanted to know what treasure Chen Xiang was eyeing on her. “The scale armor on your body! Your scale armor seems to be very strong, I want to get some to refine the armor.” Chen Xiang said: “You are killing evil dragons, the dragon body is so big, take out one or two dragon scales for sure There is no loss, right!” It was Xiao Xianglin who wanted the scales on Longyue, because when Chen Xiang fought with Longyue before, he saw that the black scales wrapped around Longyue were very powerful and could absorb a lot of energy . “I can give you ten pieces, each piece is very big, and we can refine a set of armor with just one piece!” Msports Long Yue nodded: “These dragon scales will fall off automatically, and there is no loss to me.” !” “It fell off automatically? Is the strength guaranteed?” Chen Xiang was a little worried. “Don’t worry, I will never cheat you la liga!” Long Yue rumble had already taken out a piece of black dragon scale

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