Zuo Xingfeng has a very high prestige on the side of the Purple Fire Divine Tree, mainly because he is a very strong alchemy god and has created many alchemy pills. If 22Bet sells it, his prestige will be further improved. Chen Xiang and Yu Weizhou looked around the real madrid around the Purple Fire Sacred Tree. They had already seen many people coming out of the Purple Fire Sacred Tree, and they would rebuild those destroyed houses next. “Chen Xiang, just now a spy sent the news that there are many Creation Beasts gathered outside the barrier of Creation Medicine Shenzhou, and they are all in small groups. I am afraid that more Creation Beasts will come in the future.” Yu Weizhou and After Chen Xiang met, he said. “I’ll leave it to you guys here, I’ll go out and see what’s going on.” Chen Xiang felt that with his Betting strength at this time, he would have no problem dealing with beast creations that had cultivated the energy of divine origin, that is, live betting was the kind of person that transformed into a human being. He is not afraid of Creation Beast. If he faced the kind of person who had cultivated a complete la liga arrogance to the world, he would be invincible. When he went to create the ancestor of the beast, if it wasn’t for the tree soul, he might have been planted there. “Okay, but you, NetEnt, have to be careful. If you find something important, you’d better come back and tell us.” Yu Weizhou said. Chen Xiang turned into a gust of wind and rushed to the gathering place of Creation Beasts outside the God of Creation Betting State. “I don’t know what’s going on with the leader. I’ve been looking for him… I really shouldn’t have told him about the Creation Beast Clan.” Chen Xiang was worried that Chu Jinfeng would go to investigate the secrets of the Betking Creation Beast Clan and be caught by the Creation Beast Clan. The orcs were taken down. Chen Xiang now wants to catch a high-ranking member of the Orc Creation Clan and ask Xiao Xianglin to investigate that guy’s memory to see if there is any news about Chu Jinfeng. Leaving the enchantment of Chuangyao Shenzhou,

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