The young man in black Paripesa was slightly surprised. He didn’t expect that the affiliated person in front of him would be able to recognize his identity. He has also met many powerful human beings here, but he has never been able to see through his body. How did Xiang drive Liverpool. “Since you know that I am killing the evil tiger in the Champions League, you still want to fight with me. It can be seen that you are a very arrogant person, and you are also the kind of fool who is not afraid of death. “Slaying the evil tiger laughed, he has pulled out the black sheath sword. The killing and killing the evil tiger is very confident in his own strength, mainly because he himself is the killing and killing the evil tiger, and he has been guarding here for many years , He met many powerful humans and was killed by him, so as long as he sees humans coming, he will habitually look down on any humans. “I think you are talking about yourself, because you are also a self in my eyes. Big idiot, but you’re terrified of dying. “rumble Chen Xiang smiled slightly. He looked at the black sword that killed the evil tiger, and he also called out the Premier League Nine Heavens Excalibur. Jing Yun’er and Han Xiaoying had already retreated. Chen Xiang knew very well that this time At that time, they were all in the domain of killing evil tigers, so the surroundings turned into dim black and white. “Even if you kneel down and beg for mercy now, I will not let you go, who la liga made you not a woman, hahaha ” Killing Xiehu’s laughter was extremely evil. He looked at Han Xiaoying and Jing Yun’er who retreated into the distance, licked his lips, his eyes were full of fire. Just as Killing Xiehu looked at Han Xiaoying and the others At that time, Chen Xiang had already flashed past, and stabbed thousands of swords in an instant, the tip of the sword pierced through the air, making continuous booming noises. Killing

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