Chen Xiang had seen members who were not alchemists in the Taiyuan Pill League before, but it was very few. In the Taiyuan Pill League, there were quite a few alchemists with great strength, so there was no need for other people to protect them at all. What’s more, that villa has a strong barrier protection. “They must have come from that villa to come here.” Chen Xiang was very sure, because the location of the villa of Taiyuan Danmeng was far away from the crowd, and it was very hidden. Anyone who can appear here is probably related to the Taiyuan Danmeng. “They are all from the middle stage of the world-defying legend realm, there are four people in total.” Chen Xiang said to the little white fox: “Junior Sister, I may need you to come out later.” Chen Xiang suspected that the old man in the Taiyuan Dan League sent him to deal with him . “Okay!” The little white fox was ready to fight. Chen Xiang released a few rat people to make some noise inside. Slot Games wanted to disperse these people. He didn’t intend to kill all four of them, he just wanted to capture one alive. “They are obviously coming for me. I leaked a little breath before, and they found me based on the breath. Now they came here but they didn’t find me. 1xBet” Chen Xiang thought to himself. The rat man made a noise very quickly, and after these people heard it, they all scattered to look for it. After the other three people walked away for the live betting, Chen Xiang made a Spinmatic immediately. The little white fox quickly came out from the Youroulette Yao Villa, and after releasing the two clones, he teamed up with Chen Xiang to release four strong pressures, sporting the gray-clothed man who surrounded him from all directions. Chen Xiang and the little white fox didn’t show any mercy when they attacked Bet9ja, they used Paripesa’s strongest power to attack, but

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