Chen Xiang asked Xiao Xianglin to refine a house, the kind that could be packed away, and it was refined according to the specifications of the store. For Xiao Xianglin, this is a piece of cake for Paripesa. She quickly refined a seven-story tower, which can become very large when it is released, and can be stored at any time. Chen Xiang has already returned to Zhanhui City, he did not affiliate to find Yang Genming, but was in the city with Hua Liqing. He sent many ratmen to inquire about the news, and learned that many people here need to buy Shenfeng Shendan, and he still has two hundred pills in his hand. He doesn’t have many Dao Creation Saint Crystals anymore, so Su Meiyao didn’t continue to refine. To refine a Shenfeng live betting pill, 1xBet needs fifty Dao Creation Sacred Art as energy, and can only be sold for a hundred Dao Creation Saint Crystals That’s all. “Temporarily sell the Shenfeng Shendan in your hand.” Chen Xiang said to Hua Liqing: “There are many people who need it here, but now we have the Dao Creation Saint Crystal.” “Okay, let your mouse forebet spread it everywhere, we Get out of the city.” Hua Liqing nodded. Chen Xiang and Hua Liqing came to Betting outside Zhanhui City, and then released the tower. After the rat man spread the news everywhere, many people knew that Chen Xiang’s shop had reopened. They had received news before that there was a Msports faction that was going to secretly deal with Chen Xiang. Everyone thought it was the Mushan faction, because Chen Xiang had conflicts with the Mushan faction before. The shop was opened and Hua Liqing took care of it, and the two hundred pills of Shenfeng were sold out quickly. “There are 20,000 Dao-creating Saint Crystals.” Hua Liqing sold out the Shenfeng Shendan, closed the door of the store, and handed the Dao-creating Saint Crystals to Shen Xiang. “I still have a Legendary Divine Pill in my hand, you can auction it off. “Liverpool” Chen Xiang said: “We have to accumulate a batch of Dao Creation Saint Crystals now,

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