Song Longxuan took out a small box and said: “This is a stone, which is much more powerful than the Daoist Nairabet crystal. I discovered it first. When I was digging it, they suddenly ran over and said it was theirs.” , Then I poached them and ran away, and they chased me and said I was a robber, and they were the robbers.” Song Longxuan was outnumbered, and he definitely wouldn’t rumble to fight with that group of people, so he ran away directly, and even ran into the city. Pragmatic play “What kind of stone is this, it is even more powerful than the Dao Creation Saint Crystal.” Chen Xiang took the small box, opened it, and saw that it was a black stone. Just looking at the champions league from the surface, Chen Xiang couldn’t see why this stone was stronger than the Dao Creation Saint Crystal. The interior of the Dao-creating Saint Crystal contains extremely powerful energy, not to mention the Dao-creating Saint Crystal, even the Dao-creating Saint Stone, the energy inside the Spinmatic can also make the time formation work. “I don’t know the exact name of this stone…my master said, it just looks like a stone.” Song Longxuan took it over and tossed it in his hand: “my master once showed it to me, I remember After living in this stone-specific atmosphere, I sensed it when I passed by that place, and we dug it out.” “It looks like a stone.” Chen Xiang looked carefully again, and squeezed vigorously, Slot Games It can be pinched directly. If it is the Dao Creation Saint Crystal, it is not so easy to be pinched and deformed. “Master said, this is a bone turned into a fossil. It is a bone itself. After many years, it has turned into a stone.” Song Longxuan said with a smile: “If you want this kind of stone to become stronger, you need to use flames to refine it. Fine, otherwise it will be very ordinary.” “What does your master use this kind of thing for refining

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