After Chen Xiang left Canghuo City, he called out Ahu, and he rode Ahu to leave Chuangdao Mountain, entered the white thick Liverpool fog, and headed for Longxiang Gate at the fastest speed! “Dragon Elephant Sect! Master Betway, I’m here, you must have suffered during this time. man city” Chen Xiang looked solemn, clenched his fists, and looked far away. Xiao Xianglin was caught at the beginning for poker and his gang’s revenge, using the Dao Creation Saint Crystal to kill the elders, and this was all to help him vent his anger! Chen Xiang couldn’t help but feel angry when he recalled that the elders of the Dragon Elephant Sect deprived him of the legendary mantra. At that time, his strength was weak and he was no match for those elders. Although Xiao Xianglin is his master, the strength of those elders is still hard for her to shake! However, as a master, how could she just watch her apprentice suffer without being able to do anything? So she went all out and made those veteran Slot Games pay a heavy price at all costs. She did it, but she also put herself in a desperate situation, and was caught and sealed by the sports betting veterans from Betking! The veterans of the affiliates in the Dragon Elephant Sect are the strongest at the peak of the Aoshi God Realm. If they really have the cultivation base beyond the world Ao Shi God Realm peak, they would have gone to Chuangdao Mountain long ago. Chen Xiang is at the late stage of the World-Proud God Realm at this time, he thinks that with the power of the Scarlet Fire Dragon, he can rival the peak of the World-Proud God Realm. “This time, we can only succeed, not fail!” Chen Xiang was robbed of the legendary mantra, and he had to settle this account with the elders of the Dragon Elephant Sect. In ten or so days, Chen Xiang came to the bustling city outside the Dragon Elephant Gate. Ah Hu is currently in the middle stage of the World-Proud God Realm, and his speed and all aspects have improved, which can be his great help. He has only been away from the Champions League for more than half a year, but it seems that many things have happened here. Of

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