Xiao Xianglin also found it strange that the Great Barrier is very strong, even if a very fierce battle broke out inside, it would be difficult for the man city to destroy the Great Barrier. “Judging from this kind of movement, it’s probably because the Great Barrier has been destroyed.” Chen Xiang said, he kept controlling the Magic Mirror of Six Paths, avoiding those big and large blocks that rushed over. “Master, do we still want to continue to the Great Barrier?” The Mirror of the Six Paths was unable to move an inch at this time, and there were many stones in front of it accompanied by a violent hurricane. “Go, you have to be more careful, your Six Paths Mirror shouldn’t be so easy to destroy, right?” Xiao Xianglin said, “It’s very likely that something important happened over there.” Chen Xiang was also very curious, since Xiao Xianglin didn’t object , then he must go and see. After Qin Shuang learned about the situation outside, she was very worried because her grandfather Forebet was inside. The storm finally stopped. Chen Xiang looked from the Mirror of Six Paths, and most of the Headless Mountains in the Headless Mountains in front of him were all flattened. It can be seen how terrifying the air wave that erupted just now was, such a huge piece The mountains were razed to the ground in just a few moments. Shen Xiang controls the magic mirror of six paths to fly at high speed, before the roulette to the big enchantment. He could see the glowing clouds in the sky in Bet9ja, which meant that the Champions League was still there, but he didn’t know what happened to Spinmatic. Half a day passed, and Chen Xiang had come to the side of the Great Formation. Xiao Xianglin came out of Youyao Villa. After seeing the big barrier, she took a deep breath and exclaimed: “This big barrier has become very weak. Could it be related to the previous movement?” “That’s for sure!” Chen Xiang said: “The Great Barrier must be caused by a

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