The latest chapter list is shared: After the teleportation array was opened, Chen Xiang and Qin Shuang came to another teleportation array, and here la liga is still in the sacred forest of soul demons. “Haven’t walked out of the Soul Demon Sacred Forest yet!” Chen Xiang sighed helplessly when he saw that there were still many trees around. “I don’t know why grandpa wants to set up a rumble teleportation array here!” Qin Shuang thought that he could teleport out of the Holy Forest of Soul Demon. Chen Xiang took out the real madrid mirror of the God of Six Paths, and said: “You enter Youyao Villa, Betting, I’ll walk around and see what’s special here.” The Soul Demon Sacred Forest is very big, and the Sun Patriarch created a teleportation array There must be his purpose here, but he hasn’t discovered it yet. Qin Shuang had already entered the Youyao Villa, and Chen Xiang rode the Six Paths Mirror through the giant trees. These trees were huge towering ancient trees, and they seemed to be much larger than the ones he had seen before. “The trees here are much bigger. Could it be that this is another area of ​​the Soul Demon Sacred Forest? Could it be that those Soul Demons and humans have never come to this place before?” Betting Chen Xiang secretly thought, he forebet to control the Divine Mirror of Six Paths Flying on, not long after, he saw a lot of water appearing ahead. The huge tree in front was soaked in the live betting water, and he came to a body of water! Trees grow in water. Once a third of the livescore of a giant tree is soaked in water, the big tree is still green and evergreen. It can be seen that the water can make these big trees grow taller and more vigorous than if they didn’t die. tenacious. “I really came to a different area.” After Chen Xiang walked through this water area for a while, he found that there was water all around, boundless, and giant trees could be seen everywhere. “No

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