Choice: Du Xiaoling entered Youyao Villa, she needed a quiet and stable place to refine her strange poison. Chen Xiang was in a secret room, and while refining the Proud Soul Holy Pill, he asked the girl Pill Spirit to go Condensed, this will allow him to get more Proud Soul Holy Pills faster. () Long Jiuxiao and the hundred Dragon Warriors need about a thousand Aohun NetEnt Holy Pills, and they only need ten Aohun NetEnt Pills, which is enough to step into the Aoshi Holy Realm. Chen Xiang and the two girl pill spirits can produce five Proud Soul Holy Pills every day, and it takes more than two hundred days to make up these Proud Soul Holy Pills. If Chen Xiang uses a time domain, he only needs to wait for seven or eight days outside That’s it. Seven or eight days passed in the blink of an eye, and Long Jiuxiao and the hundred strong dragon warriors now knew a lot about the things on the Aoshihun River, and they also knew a lot about the Aoshi Holy Realm combat. This is all guided by Song Evolution game Tianchuan, and Song Tianchuan and the others also fought with some dragon warriors, letting them know the strength of the world-defying holy realm powerhouse in advance. Chen Xiang came out of the secret room, and handed over a thousand Proud Soul Saint Pills to Long Jiuxiao, and asked Long Jiuxiao to distribute the pills to those dragon warriors. After the hundreds of dragon warriors got the Proud Soul Elixir, Paripesa entered the Nine Heavens Dragon Battle Pragmatic play tower and chelsa ate it for refining. “It doesn’t take much time for Slot Games to refine it just by eating ten betting pills.” Chen Xiang said, “We just need to wait patiently, and they will succeed.” Long Zhiyu was just looking forward to the scene when Bailong played the battle , Song Tianchuan and the others did the same! Chen Xiang entered the secret room again, because Du Xiaoling had already made progress. forebet “Okay, I let these three little monkeys learn some tricks, and I also successfully improved their self-esteem.

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