After the text teleportation array was opened, Chen Xiang came to the Aoshihun River. “It really is a Betway river!” Chen Xiang only saw a very wide and long river in front of him, but the water of this river was black , there are many dots of light in the river, that is the world-defying mad soul. â–³Apex Fiction, “Is this the first floor of the World-Proud Soul River?” Chen Xiang looked up at the sky, and saw a band of light appearing in the higher sky across the sky. high place. There are not many people on the Aoshihun River, but the people who can come here are very strong. Qin Shuang told him before and asked him to pay more attention. “Look where the Aoshi Shenglong is.” Chen Xiang took out the dragon scale and turned around in a circle, looking for the direction where the Aoshi Shenglong was. After baccarat he turned in one direction, the dragon rumble scale lit up. The light of the dragon scale is good, which shows that the world-defying holy dragon is in excellent condition at this time. “It’s okay!” Chen Xiang breathed a sigh of relief, when he was below, he couldn’t see the dragon scale glowing. Feng Ke felt very curious, and said: “The banks on both sides of this Aoshihun River are very spacious, it seems like a small world, and I don’t know what BetWinner is on both sides of the river.” Chen Xiang is now very close to the Aoshihun River, he He could see trees on both sides of the river bank, and there were many world-defying mad souls in the river, but after he approached, he discovered that those world-defying mad souls were not easy to catch. “What’s going on here? Could it be that the Aoshihun River I’m headed for is different from this one?” Chen Xiang felt very puzzled, although he could see many dots of light in the river, he couldn’t fish them out and used his spirit It doesn’t work either. Now he finally understands why he was mad before

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