The golden blood in the text is a treasure that can be used to improve the purity of the blood! Among the treasures that Marvin poker knows, BetWinner golden blood is the safest thing for Beking to break through the shackles of blood. ∷Top ∷ Point ∷Small ∷ Said that this thing is the most precious secret of the warlocks in Luanshi Mountain. As for Marvin, the reason why he was able to activate the magician’s bloodline was that chelsa was promoted in a daze with the help of Stupid Betway. But next, he will face the powerful blood shackles! His magician level can only be raised to level 5 at most, which means he stays at the first level. If there is no special opportunity in his life, his magician level may not be able to improve. But for Marvin, Warlock is actually a very useful part-time job. Night walker and ranger are the main professions, and the final advanced night master is certainly powerful. However, some spells of the magician have two forms, which are a sports betting supplement to his hard power. Not long ago, the reason why Marvin was able to lead everyone to break through the blockade was due to the powerful transformation ability of the magician! Whether it is a night walker or a ranger, neither has such a strong frontal battlefield breakthrough ability. So Marvin has always paid attention to the magician’s breakthrough method. Now that Rory offered such a tempting bargaining chip, he had no choice but to be tempted. You know, this thing is also very rare in Luanshi Mountain. If it wasn’t for the authority of the Three Destiny Sisters, other Champions League players might not be able to buy it at all! As for the assassination of Tess, he carefully evaluated this task, and the risk was not as great as he had imagined. first. Although the dark race is powerful, it is mainly reflected in the number. Expert side. not so much

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