Chen Xiang followed behind Qin Shuang, and when he was about to catch up to call Qin Shuang, he suddenly saw two big men in golden armor rushing out and stopped Qin Shuang. ()▲∴, Qin Shuang was startled suddenly, but quickly calmed down, because the person who stopped him was not from the Soul River God Clan, but from the costumes, he was from the Crazy Saber Clan. When Chen Xiang saw it from behind, he was very worried, and hurriedly sent a voice transmission to Qin Shuang, asking: “Little Shuangshuang, who are these people? They seem to be coming for you!” “It’s from the Crazy Saber Clan!” Qin Shuang She took a few steps back, wanting to stay away from the two of Leap, but behind her, came a handsome man in luxurious clothes. This man had a wicked smile on his face. His appearance was very handsome, and his skin was fair. “It’s you!” Qin Shuang frowned, and said in a deep voice, “Zhu Haixuan, what are you going to do Nairabet?” Qin Shuang had already changed his appearance, but Zhu Haixuan still recognized him, and he didn’t know what method he used. Chen Xiang was anxious, this young master of the Crazy Saber Clan actually appeared in the downtown just like that. “It’s nothing, I just want to invite you to have a meal, let’s show you some face!” After Zhu Haixuan finished speaking, he took out a portrait of Huo, which was really the reward order for her arrest. “The painting is really ugly.” Zhu Haixuan smiled evilly: “You should know the Betting situation you are in right now. If you fall into that guy’s hands, it will be very painful… If you follow me, I promise you Nothing happened!” Shen Xiang looked at the two golden-armored men from a distance, although they were both at the pinnacle of the world-defying madness, but Qin Shuang was much stronger than them, and although Zhu Haixuan was a late-stage genius mad war god, But if Qin Shuang uses the Endorphina of Ziyang Excalibur, baccarat can also

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