The latest chapter list is shared: Everyone saw that the Thief King was so angry, and they didn’t dare to make a sound in their hearts. Now they are worried that if the Thief King gets those things, will he give them some? They don’t trust the Thief King very much. Especially seeing the attitude of the King of Pirates now. They are very clear about who the Thief King is. They knew who the Thief King was very early on. But when the Thief King came to find them, they had no other choice. If they didn’t cooperate with the Thief King , they will definitely be trapped in 22Bet here for a lifetime, so even if they can’t get anything, Leap and they will recognize it. At this time, Chen Xiang was still struggling to use the Purple Sun God Sword to cut the treasure chest. When he used the Purple Sun God Parimatch Sword to activate the flames, the consumption was very huge, and this kind of consumption was not something he could bear alone. Not only Li Ba and Ma Jinhong gave him world-defying madness, but even Feng Keer and Meimei sisters secretly provided Chen Xiang with the world-defying madness of the Premier League Slot Games, which would allow Chen Xiang to continue to let Ziyang God The sword unleashes that fire. “How long?” Li Ba asked. “I don’t know, maybe there’s still half a day to bet the game.” Chen Xiang was also very anxious at this time, he didn’t expect this kind of thing to be so difficult to destroy. He hurriedly took out the Nine Heavens Excalibur, the Nine Heavens Excalibur had been refined with the Crystal Emperor, and it looked sharper than the Ziyang Excalibur, but it still couldn’t cut through the Pragmatic play box. “There is an enchantment power on this box, and it can only be cut by using the Purple Sun Excalibur.” Li Ba has already seen that Chen Xiang’s sword has the Endorphina component of the Crystal Emperor, but he doesn’t know how much. “No wonder!” Chen Xiang could only continue to use the Nine Firmaments Sword to cut

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