Volume 2 Before the Cataclysm Volume 2 Before the Cataclysm Shadow Valley, a hidden training base. , In the dense forest, the mobile dummies with stiff movements are constantly walking. These movable dummies are all products of alchemy, used to simulate the actions of real people. A green light shone from their bodies. And once an enemy approaches and is detected by their perception, the green light will turn the livescore into red light. This means the task failed. In the sky, a dark cloud slowly floated over. In the bushes, a small figure quietly started its own action along with the flashscore dark cloud. After a few minutes of the Evolution game, the dark clouds completely drifted over the jungle. At the exit of the jungle, Isabel slowly appeared. An instructor was waiting for her at the exit. He counted the time silently, although he tried his best to hide his surprise, but his face still showed it involuntarily. Sixteen low-level activity dummies were solved in seven minutes, without triggering any alarms! This kind of strength, chelsa is not what a little girl of the first rank should have, right? ! However, the talented assassins trained by him don’t know how many affiliates. Although Isabel’s performance is shocking, it is not unprecedented. However, what the instructor didn’t know was that the little girl had been following Ma Wen’s instructions and no longer used the unique ability of the Harmons. Instead, he relied on his talent in the assassin profession to train. In fact, once she used the unique talents of the Harmon people, it might not take half a minute to knock down these movable dummies! This is where she is most terrifying. “The first period of training. You pass

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