Uncategorized Yue is also a little angry, and he didn’t go to refute those people, but just quietly looked at the pill spirit in the premier league. The Madness Transformation God Pill is a middle-level arrogant mad pill, which is relatively expensive and an older alchemy All masters know how to refine, and the medicinal materials are more expensive, because they need to be planted for a long time. The owner of the Evolution game saw everyone looking at him with admiration, which made Endorphina very proud. “Let’s stop here today. When I have a chance, I will show you the power of my Dan Ling. I have just refined it not long ago, and I am not familiar with it. When I am familiar with it, I will definitely be good to everyone.” Share it.” The owner laughed and said: “In a few days, the Tiandan Conference will start, which can also motivate the younger generations and let them set an example.” Yue Yi Parimatch was the first to leave. If Xiang participated in the Tiandan Conference, he would definitely leave here immediately. He thought that he was the first alchemist to refine alchemy in the ancient world, but he didn’t know that there was someone earlier than him. Refined, and this person deliberately showed off in front of him. After going back, Yue Yiran panted heavily for chelsa. “I’m so pissed off, this group of guys actually used this incident to mock me, and they didn’t refine the alchemy, these bastards, sooner or later, I will let them know the consequences of offending me.” Yue Yiran was furious Said: “This villa owner is also really, this is obviously to show off in front of us, to make me lose face.” “But this villa owner doesn’t look like that kind of person!” Chen Xiang said. “Know people, know face, but don’t know heart, this guy can be regarded as my junior, and now his alchemy surpasses mine, so he must show off

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