The latest chapter list is shared: Chen Xiang has not seen Wan Dao Danshen with his own eyes. He used to use NetEnt to go to Wan Dao to find Wan Dao Danshen, but now he knows that Wan Dao Danshen is dead. He couldn’t believe it. “I don’t know, Parimatch is dead anyway, and my relationship with him is not bad. I’m investigating this matter at Mozzartbet. Anyway, this matter is not that simple! You have to be clear, people who can go to the top of the world They are all very strong, and they will not die so easily, but now he is dead.” When this matter was mentioned, Wang Dao’s expression became serious: “If this matter is not clarified, I may be the one who will die in the future. Leap” “Could it be that there is a very strong force above Wan Dao?” Chen Xiang frowned and said, “It’s so dangerous up there!” “Online casinos are like this wherever there are people, no matter where they go, they are full of dangers. “Wang Dao waved his hand and said: “Don’t talk about this, hurry up to make alchemy! This kind of pill is called Wudao Lingshen Pill. As for the effect, I won’t say much, but you will know how strong it is after eating it. “Chen Xiang looked at the medicinal materials in that box, and said: “How many grains can these medicinal materials be refined?” No Dao Fruit looks very ordinary, but the mysterious power contained inside is very strange and powerful, even if you eat these two medicinal materials alone, you can feel a significant improvement.” Wang Dao said seriously: “You are sure to practice now. System? Don’t blame me for problems when it comes to affiliates, it’s very dangerous!” Chen Xiang nodded and said: “I’ve made sure that I want to take this kind of pill myself! There are very strong ancient beasts on it

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