After eating the Unclassified Qianyuan Pill, Chen Xiang fell into a deep sleep. He himself did not feel that many spirit patterns were gradually appearing in his body. The world-defying divine power tempered his body. In addition, here Dan also releases an ability, which can penetrate into his body after being fused with his world-defying divine power. Sportybet can temper his body more quickly and strengthen his physical body. . “It’s so strange!” Feng Ke’er looked at Chen Xiang from the outside. Chen Xiang’s body was shrouded in a mist of gleaming silver light. When it surrounded his body, it would surge from time to time, entering Chen Xiang’s body, and then gushing out a burst of pale white mist from Chen Xiang’s body. The fog merged with those silver lights and blended quickly. Feng Ke’er felt that the aura released by him was very strong, and hurriedly released a few more seals on Roulette to isolate this aura. Although she had already arranged the seals before, she was not at ease. “The changes are irregular at all, what’s going on?” Feng Ke’er didn’t know how long Chen Xiang would continue like this. Chen Xiang just felt that he was very comfortable in the Premier League, immersed in a very good state, which made his whole body relax… In the blink of an eye, a month has passed. After Chen Xiang woke up, he saw Feng Ke’er stared at him with Betting’s big round eyes. “What’s wrong?” After Chen Xiang woke up, he felt that he was very energetic and full of energy. He looked at his body and said in surprise, “It has improved a lot!” “But I haven’t cultivated a world-defying body!” Ke’er said a little disappointed. “I just eat

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