After Chen Xiang entered the Aoshi Tianmen, he could quickly integrate into it and get familiar with the environment inside, because if he wanted to live well in this city of Paripesa, he only needed enough Dao Crystals, and he didn’t lack any now. Dao live betting crystal. () The hotel he is currently staying in is the best hotel. Many of them used a lot of dao crystals like him to enter the World Proud Tianmen. What surprised him was that most people only used tens of thousands of crystals. Yi Dao Jing, Msports, or even one or two trillion Dao Jing can come in, but he spent ten trillion…Of course, he finally got the one hundred thousand back. Chen Xiang inquired a lot of news, and learned that Aoshi Tianmen has been secretly fighting against Myriad Dao Divine Mountain, but now he dare not make too much of a move, mainly because Aoshi Tianmen still has some Yuanzu who are in retreat, once they wait All these ancestors have cultivated the world-defying divine body, and then they dare to challenge the Myriad Dao Divine Mountain. Now on the surface, they are still very kind to the Myriad Dao Divine Mountain. “It seems that it’s not so easy to wait for the opportunity to betting.” Chen Xiang was walking on the street, and kept asking about the news of the Champions League, the high-level Champions League of Aoshi Tianmen, but he didn’t inquire about any bet games. He only knew that after Luo Jianqing was replaced, Aoshi Tianmen, All the high-level officials of Tianmen were handed over to the descendants of the Yuanzu to take care of them. “Uncle Lin!” Chen Xiang suddenly saw a middle-aged man setting up a stall on the street, and what he was selling were Proud God Power Beads. The world-defying divine power bead is of great use in the later stages of the ancestral realm. With this kind of world-defying divine power bead, one can use the world-defying divine power and activate the world-defying divine weapon! &No&Wrong&{m}.{qul}d.{}Now Lin Jitian is actually selling the world-defying divine power beads here, which means he has already

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