Scan the scan to download the mobile client of the boutique bookstore, scan the scan to download the Shenma novel mobile client. Feng Keer’s sealing power can help Chen Xiang speed up the compression of the drug crystal, otherwise when he is compressing, the drug crystal will be Betting Constantly wanting to expand and explode, he has to use more strength to suppress it. “It’s best for you, little Nairabet girl, to assist me in alchemy, it’s so easy.” Chen Xiang laughed, but he couldn’t laugh anymore when he saw the cracks on the top of the cauldron. . His Tianchuang Cauldron has been severely damaged at this time, if it cannot be repaired, he will not have a good pill furnace to replace it, and it is still difficult for him to refine Tianyuan Saint Body Pill, and he needs a good one. Dan furnace helped him. “Feng Ke’er, do you think Xianxian and the others can refine powerful world-defying artifacts?” Chen Xiang asked. “Forebet is not enough for the time being, unless they are all in the world-defying realm.” Feng Ke’er also saw the cracks on Chen Xiang’s alchemy furnace. She is most sensitive to artifacts, and she can see through at a glance that the formation inside the alchemy furnace has been attacked by Betway. severe damage. “Your alchemy furnace is seriously damaged, and even if it needs to be repaired, it will take a long time.” Feng Ke’er said: “But if you get the treasure of ten thousand dao, it can be repaired very quickly, and I will do it again at that time With poker helping you, you can make a Myriad Dao Divine Tool.” “Well, anyway, I have refined this pill, and it’s time to go to the Aoshi Tianmen. I’m a little worried that they will work together to break that big rock.” When Chen Xiang thought of this, he became very worried, if he couldn’t get the Supreme Treasure of Myriad Dao, his Heavenly Creation Cauldron would be difficult.

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