Chapter List Plague God! The Legendary Six team slowly retracted their defenses, using the Small World Tree as a fulcrum, carefully watching the hysterical Di Gorgon and the God of Plague who appeared suddenly. This guy actually used his divine power to cut off the tunnel of the colorful stone. This is a powerful ability possessed by ancient gods. Di Gaogeng watched live betting coldly at 1xBet, the God of Plague. As an evil spirit lord in Pragmatic Play, he obviously didn’t have a good impression of God. But compared to this legendary team, he would rather cooperate with the God of Plague! “We have the same purpose, don’t we?” The God of Plague looked at Hathaway among the six with a smile, “Kill them all. Before that, we won’t be enemies.” At this time, his third clone finally arrived. The three avatars, with the deity outside, completely surrounded the world tree by Endorphina. And the God of Plague also looked on coldly, he stared at Hathaway closely, the target couldn’t be more obvious! He, Liverpool, wants to strangle this Awakened One on this land! This will greatly enhance his status in the Council of Gods. “What should I do?” A question mark flashed in everyone’s mind. The colorful stones can open the plane channel at any time, but with the God of Plague, none of them can leave! Although the Small World Tree can support them, this support is also limited. It can last half a day at most. What’s more, now that Di Gaogeng’s deity has stepped down from the throne, the six legends have no chance of winning at all. retreat? They have no way out. Now, their only hope is Marvin! “Real Madrid didn’t expect this situation.” Lorant smiled wryly and shook his head rumble: “The God of Plague

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