The popular, Heaven and Earth Promise Pill refined by Chen Xiang is of very high quality, he used the collision method to carry out multiple refining, and the collision method was comprehended from the technique of heaven refining by himself, others don’t understand this kind of refining method. It is still very difficult to refine the Heaven and Earth Promise Pill, and it is also because Chen Xiang knows a variety of techniques that he successfully refined it. “Senior, give it a try, and see if it helps you now!” Chen Xiang smiled, this old man is very nice, he talked to them so many things, and even took them to the tomb of Wan Parimatch Dao Dan God, and There’s a big difference between those indifferent people here.” “It must work! “The old man seemed to be able to see the help of the Heaven and Earth Promise Pill to him at a glance. At this time, Sun Lingxing was also curious whether this kind of pill was really useful, she tugged on Chen Xiang’s sleeve, and said in a low voice: “Give me a little too.” Evolution game grains, I want to try it in man city! “Chen Xiang immediately took out one to Sun Lingxing. When Sun Lingxing held it in his hand, he really felt that it was different, because the quality of this pill was very high, and it was very different from the pills Pragmatic play she had seen before. No, especially when Betting felt the vast energy inside the Heaven and Earth Promise Pill, it made her startled, as if she was holding a ball of pure energy in her hands. Now she understands why the old man is so sure that this Pill is so important to him It works, and now Sun Lingxing also feels the same way. After she took it, she soon felt the biggest benefit of this pill, especially after taking it for a long time, this pill affiliate burst out with a strong power of ten thousand ways , is nourishing her body casino Slot and Shenhai. The Heaven and Earth Promise Pill is refined through multiple collision methods, and has already bred a spirit god, so after eating it

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