The latest chapter list is shared: Obtaining the complete soul of the world-defying soul, which is equivalent to enhancing a very powerful power! This made Dragon Demon Emperor, Evolution Game Bone Emperor and Tiandao God Lord, Paripesa and several other Mozzartbets feel very envious, and they also wanted to do such a thing willingly, but the world-defying Dragon Demon arranged for the Ghost Emperor and the high priest, They can’t say anything either. “Master Longzun, we will definitely capture Chen Xiang alive.” The high priest said with great confidence at this time, ecstatically. “Although we have temporarily regressed to the late stage of the Ancestor Realm, our strength is still far superior to that of Chen Xiang. We will definitely be able to perform very well.” Ghost Emperor said with a smile. He is very confident in his own strength. Powerful, Sportybet is definitely no match for him and the High Priest. The patriarch of the ecstasy man city said: “If you want Slot Games or not, we will send people with you. Chen Xiang knows how to use the technique of space to move in space. If you want to catch him, it will be easier if you have more people.” Priests don’t know much about the self-forgetful god clan, but the self-forgetful patriarch is very powerful in the premier league, so they nodded again and again. It’s a good thing for someone to help BGaming, it will save them a lot of effort, and at the same time, the grasp of catching Chen Xiang will also increase. Much taller. “Well, when are you going to set off and enter the forest?” The leader of the selfless patriarch knew the situation inside betting very well, and also knew that Chen Xiang must be accompanied by Sun Lingxing, who was very important to their selfless god clan. “Let’s go tonight!” Ghost Emperor said. “Then our people will come here to meet you tonight.” The selfless patriarch sent his own people to follow, also to prevent Sun Lingxing from being accidentally killed by them at that time.

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