Popular recommendation:, Chen Xiang’s alchemy talent is really against the sky, not to mention Yuan Guangxuan’s short-sighted and arrogant son, even Xiaoguang did not expect Chen Xiang to be so powerful in refining Tiandi Wuji Pill, it is simply comparable to Ten Thousand Pills. Dao Dan god. “You lost!” Chen Xiang saw Yuan Guangxuan take out a pretty good quality Heaven and Earth Promise Pill from the alchemy furnace, and rumbled in a very disdainful tone: “According to the previous agreement, you know you should Let’s do this!” Yuan Guangxuan was panting with anger at this moment, the corners of his eyes twitched, he wished he could fight Chen Xiang to his death, but he could still maintain a little bit of reason, he knew that betting here would have very serious consequences.” “Bring three Heaven and Earth Promise Pills, if Leap doesn’t have one, use Dao Crystals instead, one for ten thousand Dao Crystals. “Said Chen Xiang. Yuan Guangxuan was able to refine the Heaven and Earth Promise Pill, and he had a little bit of it himself. He was very unwilling to forebet and took out three pieces of the Heaven and Earth Promise Pill and handed them to Chen Xiang. “Although the quality is not as good as that refined by me Betting, But not too bad. “Chen Xiang laughed, and then put away the three pills. “Chen Xiang, don’t deceive people too much, don’t think that you are better than me in refining the Spinmatic Heaven and Earth Promise Pill, so you can be arrogant. “Yuan Guangxuan said angrily. “It’s a fact that I am better at refining than you. I don’t know if I can be arrogant or not. I only know that I won you and I can slap you three real madrid.” Chen Xiang’s face was full of smiles: “Why don’t you stick out your face and let me hit you? Manly man, willing to bet la liga! “To slap Chen Xiang in the face in public, Yuan Guangxuan felt very angry just after thinking about it in his mind, let alone asking him to do it. Yuan Guangxuan felt that he and Chen Xiang hadn’t made any blood contract, let alone him.

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