Top recommendations in the text: live betting,,,,,,, Chen Xiang left the small stone room of the time ghost to find the psychic ghost. He quickly found it, and entered the psychic ghost’s stone chamber, which was similar to the time ghost’s Leap’s. After he entered, he sat on the ground. “You were introduced by the time ghost, right!” This was the voice of the old man, that is, the psychic ghost. Chen Xiang secretly scolded the time ghost in his heart, he was worried that the time ghost would tell the psychic ghost all his details, and it might not be certain that the psychic ghost would hit him hard. “Yes!” Chen Xiang said: “I want to ask you something! Slot Games” “Just ask, as long as I know the flashscore, I will answer you… But this requires a lot of Dao crystals, I think you are ready Alright.” The Lingtong ghost said. “How many Dao crystals do you need?” Chen Xiang asked the price of Surebet247 first, so as not to be tricked by the other party later. “One hundred billion one question!” said the psychic ghost. “Goodbye!” Baccarat Chen Xiang could tell at a glance that the other party was obviously tricking him, so he turned around and went to open the door. “Seventy billion…” The Lingtong ghost hastily lowered the price, but Chen Xiang still opened the door. “Five billion!” The psychic ghost shouted again. Chen Xiang just came back and sat down now, and said with a smile: “I’m not that easy to lie.” “You bastard… you should ask questions first, and see if I know.” The Spiritualist said. “I heard that there are many mysterious formations in the Wan Dao Mausoleum, and these formations require a large amount of Dao crystals to open.” Chen Xiang said, “Do you know where you can find this kind of formation?” “This… requires Increase the price.” The Lingtong Ghost said: “This is very secret!” “How much?” Chen Xiang was not too surprised, because the Ghost Emperor is not too surprised.

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