Cultivation Novel Text Text/Silent Little Thief Word Count of this chapter: 2Surebet247475 Chen Xiang also plans to stay in her Divine Sea World for a little longer. “Is this really useful?” Princess Dragon Demon asked: “Why does it look the same as my Dragon Demon ‘fan’ poison!” It’s not that hard, especially the Dragon Demon ‘Mi’ Poison is very easy to change. Princess Dragon Demon swallowed a small drop, and immediately felt drowsy, and then she hurriedly urged the Dragon Demon poison in her body to resist the toxin that had invaded her body, and only then did she wake up. “I didn’t lie to you about sports betting!” Chen Xiang laughed. Princess Dragon Demon looked at Chen Xiang with a look of astonishment. She had tried it just now, and she was sure that this poison could be used. She didn’t understand how Shen Nairabet Xiang did it. “Okay, now I’m going to fight them. During the battle, I will quietly release this poison.” Princess Dragon Demon said. The two ancestors are resting at this time. They have been looking for Betting to find that mysterious mouse. They have also heard that there is such a mouse in an enchantment before. Both. It was daytime now, but the two ancestors who were resting were full of vigilance, flying to the sky from time to time, searching around with their spiritual sense. Just as they were searching 1xBet, Princess Dragon Demon suddenly flew out! Princess Dragon Demon put on a set of golden armor just now to cover up her graceful and fiery figure, with a helmet on her head. She is not sure that real madrid will win at this time. If she is defeated, she will She can still run, and her identity will not be discovered by the other party. Chen Xiang watched the battle from a distance,

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