Volume Two Before the Cataclysm On the silent sand dunes before the second volume, Leap Marvin was silent. ☆→☆→Evolution game, Madeline must have misunderstood what she meant. He immediately scribbled a line of words. This light blue booklet is an alchemy item made by Madeline. The use is naturally short-distance communication. He is now in the east of the Sage Desert, not very far from River Beach City, so Marvin tried it. He didn’t have much hope at first, but he didn’t expect Madeline to reply him so soon? Surebet247 “Is this the second second in the legendary Parimatch?” Marvin complained in his heart. In the mage tower. On the blue booklet, a line of words appeared again. Madeline slightly frowned. At first she thought it was Marvin’s prank, and she was so obsessed with studying the Book of Naaru that she couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to him. Who knows that this sentence does not seem to be fake: The White Deer Cave will open soon, don’t you have a heart for the Pragmatic Play treasure inside? Below this sentence, there is a portrait of Marvin floating. This was when Madeline sent the pamphlet to Marvin back then with the photo-enchanting technique. For her, it was purely to make this alchemy item more fun. “White Deer Cave?” The legendary place full of treasures appeared in Madeline’s mind. She hesitated, and finally gritted her teeth and wrote: Sorry, I don’t have time. The implication is that there is interest, but no time. She wants to be promoted to a legend as soon as possible – only in this way can she get rid of the shackles of Marvin’s legal contract! There are indeed many treasures that are coveted by Paripesa in the White Deer Cave, but they are guarded by the Holy Spirit White Deer. there is no way to get it out

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