After eating the latest chapter catalog, a burst of energy from the Champions League immediately violently exploded 1xBet, causing Chen Xiang’s body to suddenly burst into a burst of golden mist, and his body was also swollen by that energy. . For more latest chapters visit: щw.. Seeing this scene, Lin Jitian broke into a cold sweat from fright, and was very worried that Chen Xiang would be blown to pieces, so he hurried over, wanting Paripesa to check Chen Xiang’s body. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Chen Xiang grinned, although the situation looked terrible just now, but Chen Xiang’s own feelings were the most profound. Although that force exploded suddenly inside his live betting body, it didn’t make him feel a bit of pain, but made him feel very comfortable. The energy contained in the Jinzun Divine Pill is very vast. After Chen Xiang ate the liverpool, he felt that the pill was like a source that would never dry up, continuously gushing out energy, rushing madly in his chelsa’s limbs and bones, By flowing up and down his body, blending into his body, strengthening his body. Three days later, Shen Xiang’s swollen body finally recovered. After he woke up, he felt in a very good condition. To his surprise, the soul of the Six Dharma Venerables in his divine sea in the premier league became much larger. The Mozzartbet Soul of the Six Laws was originally the six small heavenly beasts, but now it has grown significantly larger. He just ate a golden elixir. “How do you feel? Can you benefit from the Ten Thousand Dao Golden Body?” Lin Jitian asked hastily. He has also been waiting very impatiently these days. “It feels very good! I can tell you with certainty that this kind of pill can allow people to cultivate ten thousand golden bodies.” Chen Xiang told Lin Jitian very excitedly: “But there are a lot of them, at least

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